This hotel looks great, very unusual for that part of the world.
….. “Glimpses of a Masterpiece” with me. It is truly inspiring to be part of a legacy of such caliber and sophistication.
Everything done with precision and care , keeping in mind the characteristics and tradition of the client.
…… a masterpiece! A passion of art is infused into the design and work. Bravo!!
So sayeth jay
That the vision
And prose of Tay
Into your soul will creep
As that vision is wide

And deep!
….. delightful poetic presentation. Art Rotana is truly a wonderful project and testament to your finesse as a designer. The beautiful serenity one feels every time one enters the space makes every visit to Art Rotana enjoyable and anticipated. There is a peaceful harmony of art and design beautifully executed.

We have not been disappointed to date with David’s performance - ability to grasp and interpret a brief and to manage a project from concept stage to implementation. From the conceptual design phase, the design team has always met their target dates. As in any project, the need for flexibility is crucial and David has been very flexible in accommodating any changes or modifications requested.

David’s approach of “Thinking out of the Box....” yet incorporating the local flavor together with the Hyatt hospitality values has worked well. We were impressed and liked their design pitch to us.

Very organized and proactively updates the client at each step.

We have enoyed working to date with David and his team and we are sure that by the time the project is completed we will have a very individual and unique product.
— Managing Director of Hyatt International Ltd, SOUTH WEST ASIA
The team creative inputs directed by David’s thought process and flair, was out of the box and reflective of his ability to look at things with a detailed eye and present them fabulously. As they say most buying decisions are made by looking at the packaging. It was a job very well done. Very professional and well thought out presentation.
— Director of Rooms, Grand Hyatt MUMBAI

Hi David, congratulations ! You are truly a jewel in the industry. Hope you will have greater accomplishments, but this time with us.
— Mario L Santiago, General Manager of Kingdom Projects Bahrain

The flow of the process and the way you combine the colours is a beautiful process. All three processes are vital and it’s very challenging.They are also very beautiful and relaxing.

When I saw what you did, it only comes from somebody with inspiration. The way you do colours, worked with many companies, it’s not only that you do a good, excellent job, it’s from inspiration.
— Sheikh Anas, JEDDAH

David has been very creative. His final works turned out to be well received. He is responsive to comments and feedbacks and has made an effort to address any problems arising.

It’s fabulous, absolutely fabulous! People who peep in go WOW! The work that goes into any interior design project is unbelievable.
— Project Director The Fullerton, SINGAPORE
His creativity knows no boundaries.
— Linda W, Ms - Pan Pacific Hotel SINGAPORE

Able to respond well to Client’s request with solutions that keep to their design intent.
— General Manager Property & Engineering UOL, SINGAPORE

We had been pondering several concepts that were uninspiring and did not leave any of us to jump up and say with excitement and say thats it. Well that was until we engaged David I Tay and his team from ETHOSpace and conducted a Group Workshop.

David’s inspiration, approach, and presentation filled the void that we had been facing and significantly played a role in our project forging ahead with the sophistician and finesse we had been desiring. David and his Team are an illuminating force that i believe capitulate our project’s objectives.
— Neil V. Storey, PT. Sinar Galaxy INDONESIA


The Nieuwenhuijes met David Tay when they chanced upon a showflat designed by this Singapore-based designer. It turned out to be a match made in heaven. Tay was inspired by the colours in Tamara’s art and knew that for the project to be successful, the apartment had to reflect the owner’s idiosyncratic and often whimsical tastes.

A real artist’s home: one that is not too highly designed but liveable and friendly. The colour palette that was chosen - a neutral taupe embracing various accents of reds, purples, oranges, greens and blues - represents an artistic family’s temperament as well as a father who has the tendency to ‘think outside the box’.
— Tamara Nieuwenhuijes Ms, DUBAI
It wasn’t a very good day at all today up until we came home, now it’s a good evening that we will remember always as part of our making our home, home. And I’ll always remember how you didn’t have to, but went out of your way so we could have it early. It made this a good day after all.
— Kenneth Tan Mr & Soh Wei Chi Ms, SINGAPORE
We really love our new home. It has a style and sensibility that we can identify with and truly call our own. I am still wondering why you agreed to take on such a small project and devote so much attention when you are so busy with the big projects you usually work on. But we are glad that you did.
— Prakash Mr, SINGAPORE
David Tay is a master of colour.
— Felix Low Mr, SINGAPORE
Thanks so much once again for your time, expertise and professionalism.
— Kenneth Chia Mr, SINGAPORE
He was able to incorporate what we needed and add additional dimensions to the finished design. The end product exceeded our expectations.
— Desmond Seow Mr, SINGAPORE
My two daughters are so proud of their shared bedroom now, they keep it tidy everyday... I think it’s because they picked their own colours.
— Sussan Matthews Ms, SINGAPORE
Still enjoying the house. Just recommended a friend to you.
That shows a great deal in David’s commitment in making their customers feel trusted and pretty much well taken care of. We fee your sincerity and we love that bit of David.
— Derrick Mr, SINGAPORE
He has the ability to stretch our concept and make the most of its strengths and dissuade us from persisting with its weaknesses!
— Jenkins Mr, SINGAPORE
I am very happy with David’s design. I like his design and the way he uses colours and lightings to bring out the ambience and mood. The sessions where my husband and I had with him to select the colours were fun and interesting.
— Helen Tan Ms, SINGAPORE
David Tay really knows how to turn a house into a home with his dynamic design philosophy! Sessions with him are always great fun because he takes special effort to engage and interact with us to tease out our innermost desires and cultural preferences. 8 years ago, in our first home, David expressed our rich Indian heritage so beautifully that my wife and I simply had to come back to him for our second home. This 10,000 square feet island home which represents the zenith of our lives, is definitely a whole new challenge altogether. But we are sure it will turn out to be heaven with David’s magic touch!
— Dadlani Mr, SINGAPORE
The colours are really really wonderful. Thank you so much. The way you did the design with me, even though I was so much a part of everything we chose, I know I’ll never be able to do it by myself. It was very good...and very very different.
— Chandini Ms, SINGAPORE
David is a born designer, he knows how to bring my son and I with all the design ideas together because of his experience but also very good at what he is doing.
— Luceri Mr, SINGAPORE
We enjoyed most the process of self discovery - how David worked with us to pick OUR colours, OUR pictures, furnishing and furniture. We begin to understand ourselves better, as to why we like these things.
— Chang Mrs, SINGAPORE
Brilliant. The colours, especially how the entire place is put together really caters to our needs.
— Chi Fang Ms & Chia Wee Mr, SINGAPORE
The way David did it brought the entire family even closer together - especially his unique idea of the room with the three generations as the focus. We really enjoy our house. My children love it. My son-in-law adores it. In fact, some overseas visitors came by last night and thought the house was spectacular.
— Chum Kie Mrs, SINGAPORE
After completing the new ID, we want to spend more time at home. We love the way the colour scheme works, which is a perfect modern backdrop for our Chinese artefacts. There will not be ways to collect blue and white china and ox.

There is enough breathing space for our growing collection with no feeling of clutter - everything looks so elegant.
— Mun Hong Mr & Ka Yen Ms, SINGAPORE
I couldn’t believe that colour combination would work!
I have been really impressed with David, both in terms of quality as well as the attentiveness to service.
The process was wonderful! We got to speak candidly of our needs and enjoyed the experience of getting involved in the design, got what we wanted and loved the way everything works out. That’s the class of it! And in between, we become good friends.