This hotel looks great, very unusual for that part of the world.
….. “Glimpses of a Masterpiece” with me. It is truly inspiring to be part of a legacy of such caliber and sophistication
Everything done with precision and care , keeping in mind the characteristics and tradition of the client .
…… a masterpiece! A passion of art is infused into the design and work. Bravo!!
So sayeth jay
That the vision
And prose of Tay
Into your soul will creep
As that vision is wide

And deep!
….. delightful poetic presentation. Art Rotana is truly a wonderful project and testament to your finesse as a designer. The beautiful serenity one feels every time one enters the space makes every visit to Art Rotana enjoyable and anticipated. There is a peaceful harmony of art and design beautifully executed.
Nestled in a quiet residential area – The Meritus Negara (now the Pan Pacific Orchard) – an intimate deluxe 5-­‐star hotel – Home Away From Home.

The only hotel in Singapore to win the prestigious worldwide award of “Hotel of the Year” (Executive Travel in association with AT&T and CNN International).

”Italian chic meets Oriental antique sensibilities in a spacious setting.
The quiet chic of Pan Pacific Orchard’s new signature restaurant caught with its smart and polished aesthetics.

Stylish table settings and a feature wall incorporating elements of earth, fire, wood, water and metal.

A modern bistro grill by David I Tay – one of the leading designers in Asia.
Claridges took a bold leap and commissioned interior expert David I Tay to revamp one of its signature suite.

The Blue Sapphire Suite – modernity without compromising the heritage of the region’s exotic charm.
Each design element carefully selected – a new ethos seeking to redefine the concept of hotel space…

Taking the meaning of hospitality to a higher level in exotic India.

The pursuit of a unique sense of materials and objects intriguing to the eye beguiling to the touch.
A veritable masterpiece of modern Indian design that is at once steeped in the country’s rich heritage & decidedly forward thinking.

Tay’s design utilises his beloved interplay of light and shade with the myriad textiles and colours found in India arts and crafts.

Streamlined materials and finishes thrust the space into the 21st century - a timeless elegance with a contemporary edge.
— Haute Living, New York USA
The presentation was remarkable; it left us speechless and with a lot of thinking to do and some soul searching.

Amazing! Attention given to detailing - impressive with such a short time.

A residential feel and is timeless in its style.
— COO, Int'l Operations at Global Hyatt Corp, CHICAGO
..... approach of “Thinking out of the Box” - local flavour together with the Hyatt hospitality values has worked well. We were impressed.
— Managing Director of Hyatt International Limited,South West Asia
The team’s creative input directed by David’s thought process and flair, was out of the box and reflective of his ability to look at things with a detailed eye and present them fabulously.

A job very well done. Very professional.
— Director of Rooms, Grand Hyatt MUMBAI
A wonderful flow and energy in this cavernous space.
— The magazine of Garuda Indonesia