Engaging with the community

The monthly EMessages (Electronic / Eye Messages) make us more aware of our Asian roots with a strong affinity to the finest of cultures prevailing within a global context - hence the realisation of the fulfilment that comes from  the efforts of our  Communications Team for the last couple of years towards the creation of our EM Program. 

Each EMessage carries subtle tones of not just Community Values but also a sense of Spiritualism that will appeal to young and old in the seeking of new horizons at every stage of their growth - messages expressive of special values to friends, associates and clients. 

Over time, they have been very fulfilling not only in our relationships with many we are blessed with, but have made stronger the people culture within our organisation. In essence, each EMessage is an important part of healing and a development of compassion in hours of stress in our devotion to our work. More often than not, each EMessage being developed and shared makes us, as a people, feel better than anything else we can do.

If you would like to receive our EMessages, please fill in the form below and we will be delighted in "sharing space together" with you.